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Competition Hair & Makeup Bundle

Competition Hair & Makeup Bundle

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Your favourite mother-daughter duo are back at it again! Offering elite makeup and hair services using only the best high-end makeup products and some of Summer Glow Beauty's own cosmetics! We can't wait to get you glowing on your big day!

If it is your first time competing, please let us know! (it doesn't change anything about the service, we just take a moment to give you the lowdown on what to expect).

Competition makeup is more heavily applied than your basic day-to-day makeup. You want full coverage, bold enough that its noticeable to the judges, and yet not too bold that you look like you are going to a drag show (seriously no hate, have you been to a drag show?🤩) It's also important to use products that will hold up throughout the entire day, depsite your sweating, posing, napping, eating .. you get it. 

*includes styling of hair extensions but does not include install. please come with extensions already installed* 

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